From a Parent with a Child Enrolled in Our 4th Grade Program:

“I often share with others my belief that investing in the early years of education is more important than saving for college. However, the investment is far beyond a monitory one. Both my children (15 and 9 years old) have benefited immensely from  their years in Montessori. They have cultivated their unique  identities as inquisitive and independent learners, who understand  knowledge to be the search for true understanding rather than the  acquisition and regurgitation of information. Although they differ  from each other in gender, temperament, and personal interests; they equally thrived in the multi age environment, individualized academic development, and unique blend of hands-on, creative approaches and intellectual stimulation in the Montessori classroom.

Many parents worry about the transition from Montessori to mainstream education. It is, indeed, a transition and may even be a challenge for the child to adjust to the artificial limits placed on learning by the standardized education system. My sense, however, as a parent,  a psychologist, and university professor, is that the longer one can  keep one’s child in the Montessori classroom the better (granted the specific class makeup is sufficiently stimulating for the child), simply because the foundation given by the Montessori education  provides a degree of autonomy and self direction in learning that  makes future academic growth of any style easier. This paradigm is  symbolized by Montessori student’s early ability to both read  geographical maps as well as map their own physical and personal  worlds. They are not only able to find their way in the larger world  with confidence, but can navigate their way in their nearby  environment and, most importantly, know their inner world. Our family is indebted to the numerous Montessori teachers who shared their love for teaching with our children.”

Dorit Netzer-Horton

631 423-8392

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